How to reverse payment on Nedbank Money app [2023]?

How to reverse payment on the Nedbank Money app?

The Nedbank App is a convenient and efficient way of managing your money. With this app, you can safely and securely manage your money on the go. The Nedbank app allows you to do banking from any place at any time. It is a new and innovative way to visualize and manage the usage of money.

The app also allows you to reverse payments made through the money app. Thus, you can now reverse online payment on the Nedbank app by following these steps:

  • Use your Nedbank User Id and Password, the app fingerprint or PIN (Personal Identification Number) to login to your Money App Lite.
  • Go to the account where you made the payment.
  • Select “Debit Order” by going to the “Features” section on that account or profile.
  • Then click on the option of “Reverse” or “Stop”, to stop your debit order.
  • Give them information on why you want to reverse the payment and click on submit.

After this verification messages will be sent to registered mobile to do the needful to reverse money transfer through Nedbank.

How to reverse EFT payment on the Nedbank app?

reverse payment on Nedbank Money app

EFT refers to the Electronic Fund Transfer. It refers to the transfer of funds in an electronic manner. The Nedbank app allows you to reserve any EFT done by you through the app and sometimes through the bank. To reverse EFT payment on the Nedbank app you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Money App with the use of the security credentials of the Nedbank App.
  • Go to the person’s profile where you did the EFT.
  • Then go to the debit order section and click on the “Reverse” button.
  • After relevant verification, your EFT will be reversed.
  • You may even visit the required bank to reverse the EFT.
  • In this case, you will have to talk to the official and work as per their advice.


Can I reverse an EFT payment Nedbank?

The reversal of an EFT payment at Nedbank is completely dependent on certain factors. Sometimes it is not possible to reverse the transaction immediately and takes some time. The customer may even have to comply with the rules of the bank.

How do I reverse a transfer with Nedbank?

Yes, it is possible to reverse transfer with Nedbank. The Money App Lite of the Nedbank provides provision to reverse a transfer from the profile where the transfer was made. You can reverse the transfer from the debit order section in that profile.

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