How to download Runtopia App [2024]? Check Features, Reviews

You can get paid for staying fit. Can you imagine this? Yes, Runtopia is a fitness app that gives you coins for every step you walk. 

If this thing sounds interesting to you, stay with us till the end.

What is a runtopia app?

download Runtopia App

Runtopia app is a running app that works on a GPS-based system. Further, it allows you to track and analyze steps while you walk or run. It functions on SPC for a sports coin virtual system that converts every step into a value of currency units. 

You can also earn by completing small tasks given under novice tasks, daily tasks, and activities. The coins you earn can be redeemed later to purchase fitness products, services, and even cash prizes. However, there is a limit that you need to reach to redeem.

How to download Runtopia app?

  • Menu > Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Download Runtopia from Google Play Store.
  • It is now in your Android Phone. You can also download a File Manager to locate the files.

How to use Runtopia app?

  • Once you have installed the app, click to open it.
  • Next, sign up using your cell phone number or Gmail account.
  • Enter the details of the following to build your profile.
  • User name
  • Avatar
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Allow location and storage permission. 
  • Now choose your favorite activity to start earning.


  • It tracks GPS all the time with accuracy. 
  • It shows you all running data like route map, distance, pace, speed, elevation, heart rate, calories etc.
  • It tracks your steps and gives real time results. 
  • Your every step is converted into SPC currency which you can redeem to get amazing prices, fitness kit, sports kit and more.
  • You can also connect running shoes and sports gears with the runtopia app via bluetooth.
  • Coach guides you and tracks your record through audio. Hence you stay protected from running injuries and improve.

Runtopia rewards

Runtopia app rewards you with a sports coin for every task you complete, the steps you take, or the number of times you refer it to your friend. For every 9589 steps, you earn 6.39 SPC. 

You can use these rewarded coins to buy any product like Samsung Galaxy S9, free prizes, or cash prizes or services.


How do you get money from Runtopia?

You can earn money from the runtopia app by going to the SPC task page and completing a few surveys. You can earn up to 20 SPC for your first survey. Simply answer 15 questions to unlock more surveys in order to earn more SPC. 

How much can you earn from Runtopia?

There is no fixed limit to earn coins from runtopia. Depending on the mode you have chosen you can earn up to 50, 100 as well as 150 coins a day. Choose basic, premium, or runtopia shoes mod to set your earning limit. Use the app more frequently and complete the tasks to maximize your earning limit.

Does runtopia pay you to get fit?

Runtopia counts your every step and pays you with cash prizes or gifts. It motivates its users to stay fit by opening multiple earning opportunities. In short, it pays you to get fit.

Is Runtopia real?

Indeed the runtopia app is real and many users have benefited from it. However, you cannot expect it to be a quick money-making app. 

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