How to Download Sassa Food Parcel Application Form [2024]?

What is the SASSA food parcel 2022 application?

The SASSA is a food application platform in South Africa that is helping the needy to get relief and help them in form of food. The full form of SASSA is South African Social Security Agency who earlier provided food to the needy but currently, they are only providing vouchers that you can redeem.

For this, you need to do a SASSA food vouchers application and proceed as per the formalities to get the relief food.

How to download Sassa food parcel 2022 application form?

SASSA food parcel

The application for the SASSA food parcel 2022 is ongoing and the last date to apply for is 30th July 2021. One usually gets the ration or the money for 3 months unless very needy where the time gets extended to 6. To download the form of the SASSA food relief all you need to do is go to the browser and type the Sassa grocery voucher 2022 application form and you will get the link to download it.

How to apply for a SASSA food voucher?

To apply for the SASSA food voucher all you need to do is first download the form and then fill it as per the requirements. After that submit the form and keep checking the status until it is approved.

You can download the Sassa online application form from any browser and submit it also you can visit their website for more info. 

How to SASSA r350 grant application status check?

SASSA status check can be done, all you need to type SASSA application status check on the browser, and then from there you will get a link.

Follow the link and go to the website and enter your applicant id and phone number. Then tap on the status check option and you will get your status.


 As you type the number for the application from your phone that is *134*7737 there will be a certain question that the SASSA team will ask. One needs to answer all the questions appropriately and then also say are a citizen of the country.

Whom they are applying for etc. After all these requirements are fulfilled and answered correctly with the documents they ask for the application will be submitted.


How can I get free food in South Africa?

To get free food in South Africa you can visit the SASSA website and check their different programs there. There they have plenty of relief programs.

Can you apply for Sassa online?

Yes, you can apply online for the SASSA relief programs. Either you need to enter the unique number from your phone or go to their website. Also, you can download a form and apply for the purpose. There is no obligation that things need to be done offline as everything is possible online and the process is very smooth.

How long does the Sassa application take?

It takes hardly a day to get a response from their end depending upon the rush and also the applicant’s need. If it’s an emergency they reply pretty fast.

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