Can you stack classes on peloton app? Yes, Just Follow Tutorial 2021

Can you stack classes on peloton app?

Who doesn’t want to be fit? Everyone wants to change themselves and are in a rush to beat each other.


While doing this the only thing that pulls you back is lack of source or lack of motivation. But you can change this lack into a pack of motivation and source.

The thing I am talking about is the Peloton classes app. You can exercise in a running strength yoga class, bootcamp or any other thing here. World class instructors guide you in each and every step so that you achieve your goal effectively and sustainably.


If you also want to keep your fitness routine consistent you can do it by stacked classes of Peloton app.

To stack classes follow “how to stack classes on peloton app tutorial” to the end.

What are stacked Peloton classes?

how to stack classes on peloton app

Peloton app has classes for newcomers and well experienced enthusiasts.

Whether it is yoga, strength training or a simple walking, you can do anything on Peloton.

Now the company has featured Peloton stacked classes. Using this you can easily transition from one class to another quickly.

Currently you can stack any on-demand workout classes but you cannot stack live classes as of now.

You can access do start classes on iOS devices, Apple TV or Android devices.

This feature helps you to stack up to 10 classes that you can use upto a week.

How do you stack classes on a peloton app?

There are many ways to stack classes on a peloton app. You can also modify a stack.

Select any on demand class or scenic class present on the feature page or your library.

  • If you are using Peloton bike, bike +, tread and tread + go to the stack icon and click on it to add a class.
  • If you are on peloton web, click on ‘Add to stack’ to add any class of your choice.
  • Press and hold the thumbnail on any class. It will automatically get added in stacks.

Where can you find staked classes?

Once you have stack classes on Peloton, you can easily access them from these apps…

  • iOS devices
  • Android mobile app
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon fire devices
  • Web
  • Android TV

Peloton Web

Those who are using Peloton web to access stacked classes, follow these steps to preview the classes…

  • Tap on the ‘More’ menu present on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on ‘Stack classes’. You can view all the available classes here.
  • If there is an active class stack, a floating action button appears.
  • You can locate this button anywhere on the bottom right of the screen.

Peloton Digital

Those who are using Peloton digital to access stack classes, make sure to follow these methods…

  • Head to the class tab.
  • You can access a stack class only if it is available on your stack. Click on ‘Next on your stack’ to access

NOTE: You can view or play any of your stacked classes but you cannot modify it on Peloton digital.

Peloton bikes and peloton treads

The users who are into Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread, Tread, can modify or delete stacked classes.

Here is how you can preview them.

  • You can locate stacked classes near the Newsfeed icon on the navigation bar.
  • You can see the number of classes on your device.

Peloton classes pricing plan

In return of money it delivers high quality, valuable, motivational and fitness oriented classes to you.

Excited to know how much Peloton charges for its classes?

Not much. Not really too much when compared to good health you get!

For your first class, you have to pay just $20. This is like a welcoming discount.

Thereafter all classes charge $32 each.

You can purchase a set of 5 classes for $150.

As you go up, you pay less and get more videos. 10 classes for $290, 20 for $540, 30 for $750 dollars and so on.

To know more about class schedules and prices you can check on Peloton studio website directly.


  • Can Peloton instructors see the users?

Peloton has confirmed that instructors cannot see your heart rate but only view output, resistance and cadence. There is no way to limit visibility once you have chosen it for a class.

  • Are Peloton classes free?

There is a subscription charge of every video course. You may get some discounts for free ride mode if it is available by the company at that time.

  • Can you stack classes on peloton app?

Yes, You can. Just follow the above guide and start stack classes.

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