How to Sun Factory App Download- Check Launch date, Review

Sun Factory is an app that is the only app in Australia in the Solar retailer sector which has its app for customer care. This app helps in energy saving along with technical support whenever one needs it round the day with all the latest news from the Sun Factory department.

The app is in its 1.0 version and was last updated on the day of its launch which is 12.02.2019. Yes, there are plenty of good reviews about this app round the corner and the team loves it.

This app is also equal to the power bank app but better than that one can say that.

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How to sun factory app download?

How to sun factory app download

Downloading the sun factory app is easy, unlike any other app. As you download any other app on your device this app is to be downloaded in the same way. To download the sun factory app do follow the following steps and your work will be really easy.

  1. Take your phone and go to your play store. Or the app downloading section. You can do it with the help of Google.
  2. If you are at your play store then type the name in the search section as “Sun factory”. The first option that you will get with a yellow icon in the app. Click on the install option. For Google go to Google and type the name “Sun Factory” download and click on the first option available.
  3. Then wait for some time and let the app get installed on your device.
  4. After the process is done you can now launch your app and start using it with easy earning.

How to use the app?

  1. After you have downloaded the app
  2. Enter your phone number and
  3. Then follow the code.
  4. Then set your password and register
  5. After that login again
  6. Then go to my equipment
  7. Then click on the receive option
  8. Then click on the first poster and buy
  9. Then go home and  again click on the first poster and click on lease and confirm
  10. Come back and click on my equipment to see all details

App launch date

The release date of this awesome app was February 12th and the year was 2019. After this day life has been easy for people and they have loved this product.

App review

The sun factory app has a wonderful review and people who have used it are in love with this product. The product has been developed with lots of care and is working for the purpose.

Reviews are like 3.8/5 which is great. This energy-saving tool has helped all its customers and is working perfectly.

This app is giving perfect service on energy savings, updating people with all the sun factory news, and to be up to date. Their support system is something to brag about and overall the app is just very good with excellent results.

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