Taxaal Earning App Download for Android, iOS | Get Referral Code 2022

Look at the device you are holding right now. It may look simple but it has hidden millions of money in it. Yes, because it has millions of money-earning sources. 

Here you are going to know about something that you will jump out of your seat! So read this article on the Taxaal Earning app and its algorithm.

You can change your device into a coin-producing machine, can you believe in this? You should. Because Taxaal app is a money-earning app. You don’t need a scholarly degree from a reputed university or skills to try your hands on this.

Interested to know? Let’s deep dive!

What are the taxaal app details?

taxaal earning app download for android

It is a prediction game. Every 15 minutes Tak cell ab announces a number from 0 to 9. You just have to predict a number. If your number matches with the announced taxaal app winning number, you’re a winner. For predicting, you have to use virtual coins. But don’t worry about that. You will earn almost 9 times the applied coins. 

The best part is you can earn money by spending as low as 10 minutes here. Earning money has never been so fun.

Taxaal App Referral Code

taxaal earning app sign up (1)

Here you get the opportunity to refer and earn. It means the more you add the more you earn. For every referral, you get rupees 10 and your friend gets rupees 20. 

Here is how you can register yourself using a referral code.

  • Download App.
  • Open and enter your details.
  • Enter the referral code of the one referring you.
  • Complete the verification process using a mobile number.
  • Your account is created. Login your account.

Voila! You got Rs 20.

Taxaal app download link for android

taxaal app select room

Taxaal app review

The interface is quite simple to use and play. Does not require you to be a pro in anything. Even if you are starting it for the very first time you can win a huge amount. It’s similar to flipping a coin. The probability of getting head or tail is 50% there. So here it is here!

Within 10 minutes I will understand the concept and begin playing. It’s 100% real and the biggest money game. Those who are pretty good at prediction games can kill this. 

Is Taxaal app safe?

It is 100% real and safe. Whatever coins you have won, you can redeem them directly to your bank account. This app is meant for everyone.

How to use app and earn money

It’s pretty simple. Just follow these methods step by step to earn money.

  • Download App.
  • Install and open it.
  • Register into your account using your details.
  • Login to get bonus points. 
  • Click on start.

This will only help you to start. Here are the methods to earn.

  • When you click on start the main interface appears.
  • It has three rooms you can play with anyone. Try choosing silver initially as it requires low coins. 
  • Predict numbers either odd or even. 
  • Tap on Save and wait.
  • If you win you will receive 90 points. If not, it will show ‘you didn’t predict on the winning number’.
  • Click on the Taxaal user menu. 
  • Tap on Redeem coins.
  • Enter your bank details like Bank name, IFSC code.
  • Click on Update Details.
  • You can withdraw your balance.

Taxaal app customer care number

Email:  [email protected]

WhatsApp: N/A


Official Website:

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