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We all know how popular and well-known Tiktok app is. We all have used TikTok and tried our luck to be like one of our popular creators on TikTok. Now, you all have access to make your dreams easier to achieve of being a famous Tiktoker. With the help of TikTok counter app or TikTok real-time followers app, you are able to track the actual real-time live count of your favorite or competitor Tiktoker. Here is how, let’s know more about this tool or app:

What is Tiktok Counter App

tiktok counter app download

Tiktok counter app is a free app for both Android and IOS devices where you can count the number of followers in real-time.

Basically, the major benefits you get from TikTok live follower count app are that users can see their TikTok live follower count increase or decrease accurately and get daily analytics.

It is just not about your own Tiktok account analytics, you can also track and see the analytics for other Tiktokers. You can see the actual count of increase or decrease in followers after their TikTok video post.

In this way, you will be able to know and track what type of content people are more likely to see or are interested in and what type of content other users on TikTok are not interested in.

You will be able to watch the actual real-time views, real-time likes, and live follower count, how cool is that.

tiktok real time followers tracker

How to Tiktok Counter App Download for IOS

Well, you can download TikTok counter app very easily if you are an IOS/apple user via the App Store from your iPhone, iPad, etc.

•Click on the link below or search for the TikTok counter app in the app store

•Choose the download option

•Once download is completed, it will ask to click on install

•Grant necessary permissions

•Now, you can enjoy using the app and track your favorite Tiktoker.


How to download Tiktok Counter App for Android

This app is also available for android users so the app can be downloaded directly via the play store from an android phone.


What is Tiktok Counter Tool

If you do not prefer to download this TikTok calculator app on your IOS or Android device, no worries, as you have another option to track and see TikTok real-time follower count. You can visit tiktokcounter.com directly and enjoy the tool features for free and take benefits of TikTok live count. In order to track the live TikTok view count, visit the link below :

https://tiktokcounter.com/ (Official Website)

How to use Tiktok Counter App

The interface of TikTok real-time counter app or website shows you the biggest Tiktoker Charli d’amelio’s live TikTok real-time tracker data on real-time views, real-time hearts, real-time increase, and decrease in followers. If you scroll down a little, it will also show you the most popular Tiktokers name and usernames list.

Let’s learn How to do TikTok followers tracker live :

Step 1: Visit the link: https://tiktokcounter.com/

Step 2: Click on the Change User tab in Red on the top right-hand side

Step 3: Enter the username of the TikTok you want to track live follower counts

TikTok Real Time Tracker Features

Compare Tiktokers: This TikTok follower comparison app is part of the tool TikTok follower counter, you can compare live Tiktokers followers and get the actual real-time difference between the TikTok followers count.

Tiktok Analysis: Via this feature, you can see the analytics, which shows the real-time TikTok followers, real-time TikTok hearts, and most liked and trending videos.

How to compare TikTok live follower count :

•You can find this feature right next to the red tab: Change User

•Click on Compare Tiktokers option

•It will bring you to a new page

•Enter usernames of the Tiktokers for comparison

How to check Tiktokers analytics :

Last but not the least, another feature: TikTok analytics,

•This feature is available right next to compare the Tiktokers feature.

•Click on Tiktokers Analytics option

•It will bring you to a new page

•Change the username of the Tiktoker you want to see analytics for.

This is all about Tiktok Tracker live. I hope you loved it.

Comment below, if you have any queries.

Thank you.

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