How to Tokkingheads App Download for Android?

Tokkingheads Apk Download:

Guess there are a few pictures of your friends in albums whom I can’t see now or a wall portrait of your granny hanging who is no more. 

How if I say you can bring life to those pictures? You can again see them smiling, laughing, talking just like they would do if they were! 

Sounds unrealistic but it’s true! Thanks to Rosebud Al that has shown super intelligence. 

Heard of talking heads app Android? is a service of Rosebud Al that brings you close to those you miss badly. I bet it will warmly wet your eyes. 

Let’s know in detail. 

What is a Tokkingheads App?

Tokkingheads Apk download is a website through which you can animate all kinds of portraits of your families, friends, celebrities, paintings, and of anyone you want.

You can also use it to prank friends doing something funny. 

Let’s say you took a Monalisa painting, you can capture its photo and make it say anything or sing anything. Show it to your friends and make them crazy.

You can literally make those portraits talk, speak, sing and act the way you want.

There are limitless things that you can do with talking heads like importing photos from your camera roll, using photos from social media, and animating it.

Not to stop here, you can upload funny images, including sketches, paintings, tattoos, dolls, illustrations, and much more!

Later you can share your creation on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. 

Memes are popular right? You can create memes too!

How to Tokkingheads Apps Download?

This app is 16.31 MB in size. it is compatible with the Android and IOS 13.6 versions.

Tokkingheads App download android

For Android

  • If you want to install this app on your Android device, make sure to allow third party apps.
  • To do this, go to Menu > Settings > Security > allow Unknown Sources.
  • Download Tokkingheads.APK on your device.
  • Go to file manager aur browser location to find the file you just downloaded.
  • When you get it, tap on the icon to start the installation process click on YES if prompted anything.


For iPhone

Go to the Apple Play Store and search tokkingheads. You can easily find it and install it from there.

How to use Tokkingheads App?

Step By Step How to Use Guide.

  1. Click on the App icon to open it.

  2. When you are on the home screen you will see a bunch of photos in the library.

  3. Click on the bottom right button and then choose the photo you want to use.

  4. There are many options like deep nostalgia and others. Click on anyone you want.

  5. Some will create emotions while others lip-sync the lyrics you write. 

  6. Wait for a few seconds and see the live portrait!

  7. The interface is easy to understand and use. You can try and make a professionally edited portrait for the very first time only!

To Conclude

This app is still growing. It has updated its feature through which you can edit videos too. Its new features allow you to change facial structure, hair color, age, facial expression, and more according to your choice.

In case you look for an alternative, MyHeritage works similarly.

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