How to Use Dynamic Island App (Complete Guide 2024)?

Recently Apple launched its newest mobile version in the market, iPhone 14 series. This series looks like the previous version, but you can see several new features. Looking at the hype, Android device manufacturers are trying their best to compete with their systems. 

Apple iPhone 14 series has features that cover the camera notch with the floating notification. When you are not using the front camera, the screen can be useful with floating notifications, and sensors are also covered. Besides, many android brands expect to try them on their phones. Since android phones have larger screen sizes comparatively, this feature can be expected to be seen in android phones easily.

However, to fill this brief wait, we have a dynamic island app, which you can use with a simple setup on your android device for the same purpose. This article will guide you on downloading and using the dynamic island app.

What is a dynamic island app?

Dynamic Island App

Dynamic Island App: When AirPods are connected or the device is charging, the feature is intended to surface that information. A small thumbnail of the album art from Apple Music would then show up on the screen when Apple Pay should be used, or the do-not-disturb mode is turned on. You can currently download the app for free, depending on where the notch is located on your specific Android device; you can change the island’s location and size.

You must give the app permission to read your notifications and draw over other apps before you can use it. We also advise disabling power-saving restrictions to prevent the process from being terminated silently.

How to download the dynamic island app?

To download the dynamic island app, open the google play store on your android mobile phone. Search the dynamic island app on the search bar. 

Choose the dynamic Spot multitasking from the list and tap on Download and Install.

After successfully installing the app, allow it to access the below-mentioned sources required on your phone.

  1. Select apps: Click on the tab and select the call option. Also, you can select the other apps in the app.
  1. Notification access: When you click on the notification access, find the dynamic spot app and allow access. A message will appear on the screen before you permit the app. Now you can access the app.
  1. Next is drawing on the screen: As you click on that, a message will appear with a warning sign; if you are comfortable accessing the app requirement, then give the permission.

At last, you receive a message on the screen that no internet is required, and no data is collected or shared. After that, you can click on the done option available there.

How to use the Dynamic Island app?

The use of the dynamic island app is pretty simple. Below are the steps you can follow for convenient usage:

  1. Install the app first on your smartphone.
  2. Open the app and give provision consent to access the app. 

To use the app, you should authorize all the permission asked. As you complete the access stage, you can use the dynamic island app.

  1. When you open the app, you will be asked to set the dot size and dot from the top. 

Also, when you set the size of the dot, you can try the animation effect on the screen. You can try these features as per your camera. If your camera is in the center of the phone, then it will work fine. But if it is on the corner, then you will find a little bit of difficulty covering the sensor there. 

  1.  When you try the app, there pops up a dialogue box with “FEATURE NOT TURNED ON”; 

Click on that bar to run the app on your device.

Post this; there comes the option of allowing two popups. Further, there is the option of swiping to clear the app. As you swipe right on the notification, it will be cleared from the screen.

Although you get many options available, this app has a premium version too. You must get a subscription to the app to use the advanced feature. The dynamic island android app will cost you around $4.99.

  1. On the notification bar in the dynamic island spot app, you can choose which app notification you want to see on screen.

As you click on the bar, there will be a list of application notifications you want to activate. Also, you can add the battery notification on your dynamic island app. There are many other options like the rate app and others that you can try easily.

As soon as you get a notification, it will appear on your device and is reflected on the top screen.


  • Almost any Android app, including messaging, music, and timer apps, can be used with the app.
  • Users can further personalize the app by altering interaction options and choosing when to display and hide the app popup.
  • You have access to a Dynamic Island mini multitasking feature through DynamicSpot, making it simpler to access recent notifications or changes in phone status.
  • While the dynamic island has a design that blurs the line between hardware and software, trying to adapt in real-time to show important notifications, alerts, etc., Download the free DynamicSpot Lite app from the Google Play Store.          


  • With a few taps, Dynamic Island can be expanded into a more useful tool while offering notifications, live activities, and other information at a glance.
  • The best part is that setting up the app is incredibly simple. To use it, go to the Play Store, download the app, and complete the setup.
  • The capability to pin an app running in the background appeals to me. Swiping down from the top is simpler than expanding the notification shade.


Users become excited upon hearing that this app has only recently launched. This Dynamic Island App Provides Android Smartphones Modelling a Dynamic Island following Apple’s after the divisive Dynamic Island was released, it wasn’t long before someone inserted that delightful pill-shaped void into the Android OS. The information about the app that was just mentioned will entice you to use it immediately. We hope you get a chance to check out the app soon.

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