How To Use Venmo On eBay: Here are the Detailed Steps! 

If you have ever used Venmo, there’s no denying that it is one of the best apps to send cash hassle-free. From sending cash to families to making payments while purchasing, this application makes things much easier. While several platforms accept Venmo as a mode of payment, there’s still a lot of confusion about whether eBay is one of those apps or not. 

Oh, before we spill the tea, let’s have a glimpse of eBay! 

eBay is a business giant that has spread its operations in many countries. It is an American company that was formerly known as AuctionWeb. eBay is involved in auction sales and whole shopping materials all on the online platform. It offers C2C and B2C sales online on its website for various goods and services across the world. 

The buyers can use the website for free and search for anything they need. For sellers, it is chargeable to some extent. They are charged a fee for their product listing on the website. And when any sale is made, they are again charged a fee. The revenue generation is very complex on this website. 

It makes revenue by charging a series of fees from its users for providing them various services, allowing them to list their products on the website, or when they make any sales. eBay has continually tried to expand its operations in many countries worldwide. Anyone can create an account on this website for free. 

Enough intros already! Let’s get straight to the point. Here’s everything you need to know regarding Venmo payment of e-bay. 

How to use Venmo on eBay?

Use Venmo On eBay

Venmo is an online payment method that can be used for making payments on various online websites. It was developed to split the bills between friends and relatives. But for using Venmo, both sender and the receiver must be located in the United States. For Venmo, users can go to the website, download the application, and register themselves. 

They need to add their basic account information to enjoy using the services. The contact number should be from the United States and a valid electronic mail Id. Users can link their bank information, debit card, and credit card details to the Venmo balance. And this balance can be used to pay across platforms. 

For sending or receiving money through Venmo, there’s a tab of ‘pay’ or ‘request’ in the app. This can be used by entering the mobile number, email address, or username of the other person or party. Users can also add money to the Venmo account by bank account or debit card. Received money can be kept as a balance in Venmo or transferred to the bank account. 

Venmo may not be used by the users to pay directly for goods and services until it has been authorized by Venmo explicitly. Because it has the following limitations:

  • If the user sends or pays money to any unauthorized seller to purchase any product. If the nature of payment is not identified like it is for purchasing goods, the buyer might lose his money without getting the services. 
  • Venmo considers these transactions regarding the purchase and sale of goods as a threat as it does not have a security program for its protection. 

eBay does not allow users to pay directly through a Venmo account. But it offers other ways to use it on eBay for various transactions. Although eBay does not offer direct use of Venmo, one can always use a Venmo debit card for any transaction over eBay. On eBay, sellers allow users or buyers to make payments through debit and credit cards. One can link the bank account to Venmo to be able to use it on eBay. 

The following steps might be taken to add the bank account to the Venmo application:

  • Search and install the latest version of the application.
  • Open the application and find the three horizontal stripes on the top left corner of the screen. 
  • There, you will find the settings option. Click on that.
  • After clicking on settings, go to the option of ‘Payment Methods.
  • You will find the option of adding a bank account to the application. Select the option.
  • Fill in all the bank details and choose any verification methods to verify your bank account. 

These steps would help you to add your bank account to the Venmo application, after which it can be used to carry out transactions using Venmo on any online platform. For using it on eBay, the user can switch the funds from the balance in the Venmo account to the bank account or vice-versa.

How to use Venmo card on eBay?

Venmo allows the user to have a Venmo MasterCard debit card which can be used as any other debit card. Users can apply for a debit card by going to the application and clicking on the cards tab. He needs to provide some information, after which he can get the Venmo debit card 10 days after approval. This card can be used to carry out transactions for offline and online purchases within the United States only. It will not work if an order is placed from the US from an outside merchant. 

For linking a Venmo debit card to an eBay account, the following steps can be taken:

  • Open the eBay account and go to the option of ‘My eBay.’
  • A detailed menu will open where you can have an in-depth view of your eBay account.
  • There you will find an option of ‘Payment Options.
  • Click on the option, and you will find all the debit cards and wallet information you might have saved on your eBay account.
  • There is an option as ‘Add Payment Option. ‘Choose that option. 
  • After choosing the option, you will find the option of adding a debit or credit card. Select that option and ask for your Venmo debit card details.
  • Fill in all the information about your Venmo card and click on the ‘Add’ button.
  • This will add your Venmo debit card to your eBay account successfully. 

After linking the Venmo debit card, it can be used for all online transactions on eBay. 

How to use Venmo to sell on eBay?

Again, Venmo can’t be used to directly receive payments by the seller on eBay. It might be used by the sellers directly if they are dealing with goods related to big businesses and real estate, only for adults. But for other categories of goods, eBay doesn’t allow to make transactions through Venmo. However, Venmo can be used by the seller in the following way:

  • The seller has to have his account in the Venmo application. He can make the invoice to buy. 
  • Once done, the seller can ask their customers to make the payment right away to his account.
  • Once the buyer makes the payment, double-check the payment received.
  • After checking, the seller can mark the item as paid; he can do this manually. 
  • Because of the limitations of Venmo, the seller should make the buyer buy something from offers so that they can’t make the payment directly and able compelled to go through the seller’s Venmo account. 
  • After the seller manually marks the item as paid, eBay gets its share.

How to use Venmo to pay on eBay?

Since Venmo does not allow us to use it directly to make payments, we can use the Venmo debit card for this purpose. It’s working the same as the normal debit cards. One cannot pay through Venmo for any goods or services purchased online. For this, Venmo has to authorize it explicitly, i.e., it has to be brought to work manually. The following steps will surely help in authorizing merchant purchases on eBay through Venmo:

If the user is using an older version of the Venmo application, he uses to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Venmo application installed on your device. After that, you will find an icon with three horizontal stripes on the top right corner of the app. 
  • Click on that icon. A settings menu will open.
  • After that, you must click on the list’s buying option.
  • You must tap on the ‘Enable Mobile Web Purchases or Connect Browsers.’ 

If the user is using the newer versions of the application, then he has to follow the following steps:

  • Open the Venmo application.
  • Then go to the icon of Single Profile.
  • After that, you will find a ‘You’ tab there.
  • Press on the ‘you’ tab and click on the settings bar.
  • There you will get the option of ‘buying.’ Select this option.
  • Under this section, click on the ‘Enable Mobile Web Purchases or Connect Browsers.’

These steps enable the user’s online buying options on the Venmo application.  

How to connect Venmo to eBay?

Venmo can be connected to eBay through other channels, if not directly. One can connect Venmo to eBay if he/she has a PayPal account. The user can add his account to the PayPal account and use it for making any transactions on eBay. Here’s how a Venmo account can be linked with a PayPal account:

  • For this purpose, the user must have a bank account with one of the banks. 
  • Venmo and PayPal accounts need to be connected to the same bank account to proceed with this. 
  • In the Venmo application, check the funds, and you can just transfer the amount you need back to the bank account. 
  • After this, you need to open the PayPal application. PayPal cannot accept money from any other application as it is. One must get the PayPal Cash or PayPal Cash Plus feature set up on a verified PayPal account. 
  • Once this step has been performed, one just needs to click on the add money option, which is there under PayPal balance. 
  • It is a straightforward and accessible option to send money from a Venmo account to any linked bank or debit card. 
  • But to add money, if the user uses a credit card, some charges are deducted by Venmo. 

Frequently asked questions(FAQs):

Can you use Venmo on eBay?

Venmo can’t be used on eBay directly, but there are alternative ways how we can use it on eBay for various transactions.

Can you use a Venmo card on eBay?

Yes, the Venmo MasterCard debit card can be used on eBay to make online purchases from the United States and its territories.

Can you use Venmo to sell on eBay?

Venmo can be used to sell on eBay but only for some categories of goods explicitly.

Can I use Venmo to pay on eBay?

Yes, Venmo can be used to pay on eBay to purchase goods and services. It can be done through Venmo debit cards or by switching between bank accounts, Venmo accounts, or PayPal accounts.

Can you connect Venmo to eBay?

Yes, Venmo can be connected to eBay by various means. By adding the Venmo debit card to the payment method on eBay or transferring the Venmo balance to the bank account and then making the payment.

What payment method does eBay accept?

eBay accepts various payment methods like debit or credit cards, ApplePay, GooglePay, eBay gift vouchers, and PayPal credit.

Can you pay a vendor with Venmo?

Venmo has to be authorized by the user manually to allow Venmo as a payment method. Apart from this, Venmo cards can be used exactly like normal debit cards for any purchase.

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