Venmo password reset link not working “Solution”

Venmo is one of the best mobile payment services owned by PayPal, which allows its users to transfer funds to others via a mobile phone app. The application can be downloaded on both android and Ios. Although it is one of the best for U.S users only, the services offered are not flawless. 

Now, talking about the flaws of this app, we are pointing out the never-ending loop you get into while resting your Venmo password. At times one can’t reset Venmo password at all. Is there really a solution to it? Well, fortunately, there is. This article will discuss how you can set a new password for your Venmo account without any hassle. Keep scrolling! 

Why won’t Venmo let me reset my password?

The obvious reason behind Venmo is not letting users reset their password is re-entering the wrong details while resetting the password. 

You are not alone in this. Several Venmo users simply use the last email address they remember, which sometimes turns out to be wrong since the registered email ID is different. 

In fact, another reason might be a poor internet connection. The reason behind the same is a large number of userbase in that region. Due to this reason, the internet speed is greatly affected. We suggest trying at midnight or when the user’s internet usage is considerably low.

Apart from the reason stated above, the user can also try contacting Venmo support. Their best technical team can make the user understand the problem and suggest the possible solution they can at that time. 

Although not very common in the case of Venmo, the servers do not respond as they are supposed to. So, everything may be acceptable from the user’s end. It is just a temporary fault that the user might face. 

How to reset my Venmo account?

reset my Venmo account

Resetting the Venmo account password is pretty simple. Even after having so many password managers, people still tend to use the passwords of their accounts. We blame no one since it is a part of human nature that makes us human. 

History has always taught us that people tend to make mistakes but shouldn’t be judged on a basis, and Venmo entirely agrees with that. Keeping the same thing in mind, they simplify the process, and while doing it, they also make sure security always remains the top priority. There are multiple ways to reset the Venmo user account. 

One of the most obvious ways is to simply contact Venmo support and take their expert technician help to reset the password, but for some reason, if the user doesn’t want to use the help, they can do it themselves. All they need to do is to just follow the given below steps:

  • The user is prompted to enter a phone number or email ID associated with their account. We suggest remembering it correctly; otherwise, it can be difficult to reset the password.
  • After this step, a password reset link is generated and sent to the user on their previously entered email ID. If, for any reason, you didn’t receive the email, do check the email you have entered and confirm if it is correct. You should also check the spam folder of your email. 
  • Now just click on the link received and enter a unique password that is not associated with any other account for better security.

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How do I recover my Venmo account without a phone number?

Venmo understands that anyone has multiple ways to recover their account in the worst-case scenario. Venmo understands having multiple ways can also put the user’s account security at risk, and it also covers it while maintaining the highest and best security standards possible for its users. The user can easily recover their Venmo account without a phone number. The user must have their registered email ID or phone number to recover the account. It is difficult to recover my account without either of them. So, in this case, assuming the user has access to the registered email ID. Now all the user needs to do is follow the steps below.

  • Click on the password reset link, “forget the password,”.
  • Since the user Can’t reset Venmo password with a phone number, enter the correct registered email ID associated with the Venmo account.
  • The user will receive an email with the reset password link in it in few minutes. If, after some time, the user didn’t receive any link, we suggest looking in the spam folder as well. 
  • Now just click on the reset password link to change the password.
  • Now set a strong password that combines at least one small letter, big letter, number, and symbol or special character. Many researchers suggest having a password with such a combination will make it difficult for hackers to attack.

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How do I reset my Venmo account without email?

Forgetting things is one of the most common problems that many people face in their day-to-day life. There was a time when people got so worried about what they would do if they forgot something, but in today’s world, that scenario is long gone. Many companies understand that humans tend to forget a lot of things but providing a possible solution, what can anyone do to solve it since forgetting is natural and there is nothing that one can do to remember something specific when needed the most? 

Keeping the same thing in mind, Venmo also allows its users to recover their accounts even though they forget their email IDs. The process almost remains the same, apart from a few differences. Venmo always keeps its users first, so they made a system good enough to use specifically in this condition. Kindly follow the steps below to reset the Venmo account without an email. We also suggest that as soon as users reset their account, they must change their email ID, which can be accessible if necessary.

  • Click on the password reset link, “forget the password,”.
  • Since the user doesn’t have access to the email ID, enter the correct registered phone number associated with the Venmo account.
  • For security reasons, a Time Password [OTP] is sent to the registered mobile number to authenticate the user. Now just enter the OTP on the textbox shown on the screen.
  • Now a prompt came up asking me to enter a new password. Set a strong password that combines at least one small letter, big letter, number, and symbol or unique character. Many researchers suggest having a password with such a combination will make it difficult for hackers to attack.

Wrapping It Up: 

That’s it! Not that difficult, is it? By following the procedure correctly, you can definitely reset your password within no time. For any further difficulties, let us know in the comment section. 


What should I do if I am unable to get into my Venmo account?

When the user cannot get into his or her account, they simply try resetting their account password, which is also one of the easiest things to do at that time. All the person needs to do is go to the account login, select forget password and follow on-screen instructions.

If the user still faces issues, just contact Venmo support, and a technical assistant will guide the account holder through the process. We suggest you take note of the phone number or email ID the user entered while creating an account. There is a high possibility that for security reasons, the account holder can only recover his or her account if he or she has the registered email ID or phone number. In a worst-case scenario, the user can’t reset Venmo password by accessing any of those, only a technical assistant to guide what can be done next.

Why does it keep saying something went wrong on Venmo?

There are multiple scenarios where a person keeps getting the message “something went wrong.” One of the reasons can also be the bad internet connection or some details entered by the user are wrong. 

First, we suggest checking the internet connection and ensuring you get the necessary internet speed. There is also some possibility that Venmo always provides best-in-class services to their clients, so while doing this, sometimes they may need to upgrade their servers and other things, which may cause some delay. Still, they also sent a prior email stating the complete details about updating or any other reason.

We also suggest if the user has a VPN, then try disabling it and then try accessing the Venmo account. It is also a common error caused simply by a VPN. In any case, whether it is a browser extension, a free version, or a premium VPN such as Nord, we suggest disabling it and then trying again. VPN isn’t a problem here, but it can cause this problem. We never suggest that it is VPN alone. Multiple reasons exist, but using a VPN while accessing Venmo services may cause this problem.

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