How to verify Jaa lifestyle Application? Complete KYC verification

How to verify the jaa lifestyle application?

To verify the JAA lifestyle application you need to follow these steps and it shall be done.

  • Download the application
  • Login to your app with your login and user id password
  • Enter an e-mail address
  • The e-mail address must be a one in use
  • Verify the account with your OTP

That’s all and your JAA lifestyle application will be verified.

How to do jaa lifestyle email verification?

verify Jaa lifestyle Application

To verify the e-mail all you need to do is first login to the app. Then you need to put an e-mail in the required section. This e-mail must be in use as a password will come which you need to give. After giving this address your mail shall be verified with the JAA Lifestyle app. Thus this mail from now on will be your jam lifestyle email address.

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How to do jaa lifestyle KYC verification?

Follow these steps to do your KYC verification.

  • Go to chrome and go to JAA Lifestyle
  • Login
  • Go to My account
  • Go to  overview
  • Then tap  on personal verification
  • Go to verify my account
  • Tap “OK”
  • As you are redirected to another page click on the currency snd choose
  • Tap on “Pay now”
  • Give all your details
  • Tap “pay”
  • Then give all your details one by one as per documents
  • Uploads all that they have asked and go step by step
  • Tap on the finish and complete the task

How to do jaa lifestyle personal verification?

For the personal verification in JAA, all you need to do is go to my account make the payment and upload all the documents that you have. The originals have to be uploaded as per step your picture along with the documents and the verification will be done.

Is it safe to verify on Jaa Lifestyle?

The JAA lifestyle verification is a safe process and can be completed within minutes as per the steps. This is entirely an online process and has no struggle in it.


How do I complete email verification on the Jaa Lifestyle app?

For e-mail verification, after you have logged in you need to provide such an email-id which you use. A code will come and as you enter that code your mail will be automatically verified and you can from now on use this mail-in JAA lifestyle.

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