How to watch Hulu on Smart TV (Complete Guide)?

Have you tried streaming shows on a smart tv? If not, you’re missing out on a lot. In a higher definition, the feeling of watching premium content on a big screen is unmatchable. And this feeling gets doubled when you watch Hulu’s premium shows that are top-rated.

Well, if you are a beginner struggling to start steaming Hulu Team. Or you are someone who has just brought a brand new smart TV and cannot watch Hulu. Then you are at the right place; here we have the guide for how you can watch Hulu on your smart tv. Also, we’ll be covering how to set up Hulu on your smart tv.

First, let us know about the plans Hulu offers to its customers. The plans are mostly monthly, but you can also make the annual payment if you don’t want the stress of paying the amount on time every month. 

Hulu premium plans include –

watch Hulu on Smart TV
  • The monthly plan is $6.99, while the annual one is $69.99. This is a basic version and thus includes ads with it.
  • The premium plan with no ads is $12.99 per month.
  • The combo offer includes Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+, which cost around $69.99 per month but include ads.
  • The premium version of the combo pack with no ads is $75.99 per month.

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How to watch Hulu on smart Tv?

Just as we mentioned that watching premium quality content on a good screen is a different feeling, that statement stands for itself when you experience that yourself. 

Hulu provides shows which are famous worldwide and carry a great storyline that acts as a magnet for cinephiles. 

Don’t worry if you are unaware of how to stream Hulu on your smart tv, don’t worry. We are there to help you out with that. Just follow the steps are you are good to go.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to watch Hulu on your Smart Tv –

  • The first thing that you need to do is press the Home button on your Tv remote
  • Navigate through the buttons to access Apps
  • Then go to the search bar present in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Type ‘Hulu’ and search for it
  • Click on the app and download it using screen-prompts
  • Once the download the successful, launch the app
  • Go to the login section to either register or log in to your account 
  • You can add your credentials and log in to your account

Once you log in to your account, select your profile, and you are ready. These easy steps can help you to stream Hulu content on your smart tv with no additional effort. Remember, if you have an activation code to be redeemed, you can’t do that while your current account plan is not expired yet.

How to Set up Hulu on your Smart tv?

If you haven’t Set up your Hulu account yet, you are surely missing out on a lot of quality content. The third largest streaming platform in the US covers 11% of the market share. 

So what are you waiting for? Set up your Hulu account fast and enjoy the benefits of premium shows with quality content, and that too is in higher definition when you have a smart tv at your place. 

Follow these steps to set up your Hulu account on your Smart Tv –

  • First, you need to navigate to the Apps using your remote
  • Then go to the search bar and look out for Hulu
  • Download the Hulu app after tapping the icon
  • Once the app is successfully downloaded, run it
  • Add your credentials to log in or register if it is your first time on Hulu
  • Once you are logged in, please select a plan for yourself, and that’s it

Once you are done with the payment, you are good to go and can enjoy the benefits of the premium membership that Hulu offers. These easy steps make setting up your Hulu account super fast, and you can start binge-watching the shows for hours without any break. Remember to take the ad-free version if you don’t want to get interrupted by ads in between

We hope this article helped you to clear out all your queries regarding setting up Hulu on your smart tv. And how you can avail the benefits of the premium plans. Just log in to your account, select a plan, and you are all set to watch premium shows sitting on your couch.

If you are new to Hulu, Hulu provides premium add-on plans. You can avail of these plans by paying a certain amount while billing for the monthly renewal. 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Hulu:

Can you watch Hulu live on your smart tv?

The answer to this question is an absolute yes. Moreover, the most commonly used plan is the live show ad-on plan.

Will Hulu live work on any smart tv?

Yes, Hulu Live is compatible with most of the Smart TVs available such as Apple Tv, Android Tv, Roku, and many other smart TVs. You won’t find that difficult to set up or watch on TV. That makes Hulu highly compatible with various devices, and the interface is also straightforward to understand.

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