What is Dr b Covid Vaccine App | Is Dr b Standby List Legitimate?

Whether it is a kid or 70+ years old elderly people, coronavirus is in everyone’s mouth. There is no newness in this term. 

Even having a normal fever feels dangerous like catching coronavirus. Although these terms are different symptoms are way too similar.

Coronavirus disease caused by Nobel coronavirus which is a recently discovered respiratory virus is so fatal because there were no vaccines or medicine for it. 

It wasn’t that serious until WHO declared it a global pandemic back in March 2020.

Thanks to Covexin that helped us to gain hope. 

As we all know it is the first indigenous vaccine from India that successfully worked against coronavirus. 

It is till now 81% interim efficient in preventing covid-19. Now it is supplied to various countries like Myanmar, Sri Lanka Oman, Maldives, Mauritius, and more.

What is dr b covid app?

What is Dr b Covid Vaccine App

Covid-19 vaccine is already scarcely available. Wasting can cause major problems than before.

Temperature constants are the major reason for vaccine wastage.

To improve this Dr.B founded a platform- Dr. b covid app to connect patients and providers. It means providers who have an extra vaccine dose can give it to needy ones. This way it helps to curb the issue of wastage.

Hundreds of thanks will be less for the doctor and his team.

Dr B leftover vaccine is a new startup by the founder of ZocDoc.

You don’t have to wait to open the eligibility criteria to get the vaccine. You can get it without an appointment through this app.

It is completely free to use and get vaccinated. Anyone of 18 plus age can sign up.

How to use dr b app covid vaccine?

First you have to make and complete your profile on hidrb.com. here you have to give in the same details you would give to a local health department.

If the service providers confirm about leftover doses, Mr.B texts you are a message.

As a recipient, you must respond to the text at least within 15 minutes. 

You will come to know the vaccination site and a set time. Make sure to be available there punctually. 

You get text according to your eligibility status like your age, symptoms. Next, they will check the order of signing up.

How to download dr b app?

  • You can download the app from Play Store.
  • But to sign up you have to go to the website. 
  • App is useful for tracking status and all. 

Dr b standby list for leftover covid vaccines?

The website has created a standby list that includes all those people who are eligible but not yet vaccinated.

This standby list changes quickly depending on the availability of vaccines and people. If you are on this list you will get a text message from the website. 

You should be really quick to reach the site because the time frame of vaccines is too strict.

Is Dr B’s standby list legitimate?

Dr B focuses on one thing that no vaccine ends up being in the trash can!

Dr b vaccine match is the best way to distribute leftover vaccines that helps the needy ones and is also beneficial for the ecosystem.

There is nothing that says is dr b legit or not. More than 62 million people in the USA have signed up here. Most of them have been vaccinated for their first dose.

They say they won’t risk personal and professional reputation merely for a list of ZIP codes and phone numbers.

It is launched on the 1st of February. The media is yet to come out soon with its news.

This project is free so they do not make any review of this project but they are investing in it. It is just to help out.

If you want you can also contribute to this project. You can find all related information from their website.

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