How to Register & Use for Poshan Tracker App?

What is Poshan tracker app?

The Poshan tracker app is an android app that was launched by the government of India. It has a data administration software meant to provide a complete view of all the actions of the Anganwadi Centre (AWC).

One can also view the details of deliveries of the employees and the beneficiary for to be mothers and youngsters. The developed system permits the real-time monitoring of all the AWCs and other beneficiaries.

poshan tracker app download

Poshan tracker is a real-time nutrition tracker launched by the National e-governance division of India. This app was launched as a step to help digitalize one of the government services.

The app is meant for Android phones only. The app was established with the aim to have a malnutrition-free India by the year 2022. A number of women and children are still suffering from malnutrition. The app has been made to help eradicate this problem of malnutrition.

How to Poshan Tracker App download?

If you are planning to download poshan tracker application then there are a few things that you should be aware of.

The application is available only for service providers which are assigned by the authorities or the government. Now, these workers are provided a username or password by the government using which they can access the app and work on it.

However, if an individual wishes to use the app then he must download it from the play store. Follow the below steps.

  • Search “Poshan Tracker App” in the search bar.
poshan apk download
  • Once you get the results you will get to see the icon of the app as the first one in the search result.
  • Next, click on the install button.
government scheme poshan abhiyaan

The app is ideal for android phones only as it is supportable only in android phones.

Poshan tracker apk download

The process of downloading the poshan tracker apk is extremely easy. If you do not want to download it from the play store then you can get a hold of the apk file to download the app.

Just google “poshan tracker apk file” download.

Once you get the search results click on the one which you think is the legit apk file.

You will have to download the apk file on your device and install it.

Once it is installed just run it and your app will be downloaded.

How to use poshan tracker app?

The app is made both for beneficiaries and authorities.

For Authorities

To use the poshan tracker app firstly open and put your username and password Provided by Govt.

poshan icds cas app login

You will be able to login into the app only after you enter the correct username and password details.

For beneficiaries

  • You need to first register and then login
icds cas app download

It is very obvious that the app is a very secure one and hence it requires login credentials.


Here is a list of features of the Poshan Tracker App:

1. It includes a list of poshan Abhiyan scheme that would help remove malnutrition

2. AWWs workers are encouraged to use IT tools.

3. Measuring the height of children in AWCs.

4. Encouraging states/UTs to meet targets

5. Social Auditing process


The Poshan tracker app is extremely helpful and a great initiative by the government of India. Only Android users can download this app so it is of no use to people from other nations.

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