Wombo AI app Baixar download for Android iOS | How to use? is it safe?

Wombo ai app baixar?

Have you heard of photo editing apps before? of course you have! But this is something different.

It can make your selfies or anyone’s image into a live motion picture or short video within seconds. That means you can see yourself singing a song that you have never actually sung!

Wombo Ai app is what we are talking about. Out of many lip-sync apps like wombo ai but this is the perfect one. It makes super funny clips that can go viral. 

Be with us till the end to know about it. We also recommend wombo ai similar apps in case you don’t like it.

What is Wombo Ai App Baixar?

Wombo AI app Baixar download

It won’t hurt to say that wombo ai web is now the best and most popular algorithm-based lip-sync app. 

It is free to download and use. It works both on the android and IOS versions. The size is 35.62MB developed by Wombo studios Inc.

Wombo ai browser gives you the flexibility to choose any song from its library, apply any of its built-in themes, save it, and export.

Just take a selfie, pick a song and let wombo show its magic.

In the end, you will be rolling with the most bizarre and funny videos. And yeah, you don’t need any singing lessons to go viral!

Enough excited to enjoy this app?

Here is a way to download on various devices…

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How to Download Wombo Ai App Download?

Wombo Ai Apk Download For Android

Downloading a wombo app is very easy because it takes the same process as other app installation does.

  • You can directly click on this link to download.
  • Or, you can go to the Google Play Store where you can easily find this app. 

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Wombo Ai Premium Apk For iOS

  • Go to the Apple Play Store.
  • Type in search wombo app.
  • Click on install and wait for a few seconds.

How to Use Wombo Apk

You have successfully completed wombo premium apk download, here is how you can use wombo premium apk from the beginning.

  • Launch the app. You can see the main interface. 
  • Hold the camera at your eye level and look into it straight. You can see a sentence in bold below that says ” this app works best without showing your teeth”. So just follow it.
  • When you all set, click on the centre button.
  • It captures your image. Now press the W button. 
  • Select a theme and click on W again.
  • Wait for a few minutes and wombo will make a beautiful project on your screen. 

You can save it on your device and share it on any social media app like Instagram, TikTok.

You can do this with a pre-existing image or with anyone’s picture.

You can create a new one by clicking the ‘on-again’ button.

Follow the same procedure to prepare a new project.

Wombo ai alternatives

Wombo is very easy and quick to use but still, if you feel unsatisfied, you can always try out its alternatives.

You can try 

  • Deep nostalgia APK
  • Avatarify APK
  • Remini Pro APK
  • Voicemod Pro APK

To conclude

This app has a premium version too. It demands a few bucks for the subscription to a yearly or monthly plan. This is why users are in search of wombo ai mod APK.

As of now, we could not find any valid and safe modded apps. If we will, we will update here soon. 

Their privacy policy is great so stay relaxed about it.


Is wombo.ai Safe?

Yes, it is totally safe to use. This app takes care of your privacy and doesn’t store your videos and images. They delete it immediately from their server after use.

Is Wombo ai free?

This is a quick and fun deep fake creating tool. It is free to install and use its basic person. But here the music theme is limited. As you upgrade with their premium subscription plan, you can get more.

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