What is Cash App Notification Scam & How to Avoid this Scam?

Cash App notification scams are widely initiated and carried out by scammers, aiming to abstract users’ personal information and financial details through forgery means. These forgery means include sending fake messages under the name of the official Cash App authority.

The notification that the user gets may not be actually from the Cash App team but can be from fraudsters too. Because Cash App generally does not send any kind of notification over text messages except in a few cases. All their ongoing updates are delivered to their registered users through the app/website only.

How does it work?

cash app notification scam

The scammers carry out these Cash App notification scams by pretending to be the official representative of the Cash App team. They create fake website links and add fake numbers which look similar to that of the Cash App support team.

They by this means are trusted by the majority of the users and the users accept such kinds of notifications and fall into the trap by clicking on them. These scammers ask for personal details like Name, Contact Number, etc., and other financial details so that they collect enough information to loot a person. 

How to avoid notification scams?

One best way you can consider avoiding these notification scams is by remembering a few very important points.

Firstly, Cash App never asks its users to send any payment to any other Cash App account. Hence, if someone is claiming to be a representative of the Cash App or Cash App support team is more likely to be a fraudster.

Never ever entertain any kind of notification that is asking you to share your pin and other personal information because Cash App is already having your data stored in their secured networks and they would never ask you nor text you regarding your personal details or regarding app update fees respectively. Hence, remember such points to avoid notification scams. 

What to do after getting scammed?

If you think you have been scammed, you should immediately get in contact with the Cash App support team and file a complaint against the merchant you have paid some amount against his/her notification proposal or report the fraud you have just gone through.

For more security, you should change the password of your Cash App account, change the Cash pin, and hide all your personal details that are displayed on your account page. Block the sender and delete the notification message that you have received and make sure you do not click on any of the links attached there with the notification.

How to complain about notification scams?

If you have faced any notification scams, it is always advisable to file a complaint regarding the same. You can reach out to their support team to file a complaint and make them aware of the notifications you have been receiving under their name.

Also, you can file a dispute against the payment you made to a merchant after being cheated and can block it too to avoid future scams. 

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