123.Hp.com Smart App Install- 123 HP Printer Setup [2024]

HP is one of the superior printing system technology brand in the world, the product created by them are always supportive and makes everyone’s work simple and easier. It has a market of 500B$ across the world.

123 HP printer setup

The printing technology developed by 123.Hp.com is always innovative. Including their innovation, HP smart app is one of them. It is a multipurpose app used for printing, scanning, and sharing files with anyone. Printing, scanning and sharing were never easier before, but after www.123.Hp.com smart app download, all can be done with just a finger touch.

Today everyone uses their mobile phone rather than laptops to send and receive various documents and images. By seeing this 123.HP.com has introduced the Hp smart app for Smartphones also, it is available on both android and mac platforms. 

One can download the Hp printer app for android, mac on its smartphone, and print any image or document through the use of this app without taking the help of laptops.

www.123.hp printer with a scanner is available in many variants and offers various optimistic benefits to both customers and businesses. To use the Hp smart app you first have to buy a Hp printer and scanner suitable according to your needs.

Everyone knows that not only buying and plugging a new printer into their computer or laptop will not start printing at the same time. It requires 123 HP printer setup to run it.

You have to install 123.hp.com/dj3630 printer setup on your computer to enjoy its benefits. This printer software or smart app is used to run or operate the printer from a computer or Smartphone. It is just like a language that the printer understands other than anything and follows various commands related to print, scan, and share.

Benefits of the hp smart app

123.Hp.com Smart app download
  • It helps in setting and managing the Hp printer directly from the app.
  • It enables view printer status and sends prints while on the go.
  • Cropping and other adjustments of various scanned documents can be done.
  • High-quality scans can be previewed, edited, and saved as PDFs and JPEGs with this 123.hp.com scanning software. Store or save a scanned or printed document on your favorite cloud storage account.

Features 123.Hp.com smart app for printing

Check printer status: From the smart app home screen, you can the status of your printer that it is ready or not. Information like printer IP address, network status, and installation status can be checked. In case of any error, a yellow triangle sign is displayed to alert you. 

Order supplies in case of low ink: You can view the quantity of ink left in the www.123.hp.com/setup 2600 printer with the help of a Hp.com smart app and can order a new one by taping supply status and selecting order supplies.

Check wireless information: Wireless status-related information can be accessed by clicking on the printer icon from your home screen of the Hp smart app and then on Network information to check WiFi direct name, IP address of WiFi, and network status.

Access to print reports:  All the print reports like printer status reports, network configuration pages, or printer quality reports can be accessed and printed from this hp all in one printer remote app by selecting the printer reports within the app.

Remove and add the printer: One can add or remove the printer. You can click on the +add button to add a new one and click on Forget this printer to delete a connected printer from the HP smart app.

On the go printing: You can command to print anything while you are away from the printer. Using the HP Smart app installed on your Smartphone, you can send the print command to the printer with the internet’s help.

Quick task handling: You can quickly handle tasks like printing, emailing, or saving files by creating shortcuts on the HP smart app.

You can do Install iOS apps here.

Downloading the app

  • It can be downloaded on your Android version of 7.0, iOS version 11, or later versions, Windows 10 and macOS.  
  • Open the play store or app store on your compatible Smartphone. For downloading on PC visit 123.hp.com/dj3630 install software,
  • Search hp smart app.
  • Click Download. To download and install this hp all-in one printer remote app
  • Let the Smartphone or PC install the app after downloading.
  • Open the app a pop up regarding Bluetooth switch-off will appear, tap on the allow button.
  • The application will now automatically search for your printer Bluetooth and connect them by taping on the connect icon.
  • If you don’t find your printer automatically Tap the Plus sign+, in that case, to add manually.
  • Start printing after both get connected.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why I am unable to log in to my HP Smart app account?

You should update your HP Smart app as the older versions are no longer supporting the login features. Visit www.123.hp.com to update your app.

2. Is this app compatible with Android and iOS Smartphones?

Yes, you can easily download the Hp Smart app for your Android and iOS platforms.

3. Which printers are supported by the HP Smart app?

HP Smart app is compatible with all the printers launched after the year 2012.

4. Does HP Smart app support multiple languages?

Yes, the HP Smart app can be run in different languages it supports more than 20 languages.

5. Can I change print settings in the HP Smart app?

Yes, it depends on the file type you want to print, and can change the print settings like print quality, paper size, and orientation.

Final Verdict

Reading the above information of the www.123.HP Smart app helps us understand that this app is designed and developed to remove all the previous hindrances that we face while printing our task.

This app saves time and energy as it is fast and easy to use. The UI and UX of this app are developed so that even non-user can understand its use at first glance. 

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