What is 8938 iOS feature- Top 5 Useful iOS 14 Features Explained

Top 5 Features of iOS 14

To unveil the unbelievably amazing features of iOS 14, read through the following points. Many iPhone users also want to know about what is 8938 ios feature or 8938 instructions from messages 8938 ios.

8938 iphone feature

8938 ios feature

Honestly the best feature of iOS From Messages 8938.

App library

iOS 14 adds a whole new app library to the iPhone and iPad touch devices. 

  • With the new library of a wide range of applications will give you the opportunity to stream tweaked games and apps and download them with a few clicks. 
  • The app library suggests applications based on location and time. 
  • You can add clips by downloading them from the App Store. 
  • You can automatically organize the home screen view by sorting apps based on frequency of usage. You will get this feature in the new list view mode.

Widgets section

  • The widgets section in iOS 14 has a new feature to amaze you- the smart snack feature. With this feature you get to surface the exact widget at the right time, which is typically enabled by the on-device intelligence feature. 
  • The new widgets feature enable the use of Siri. It directs siri to suggest widgets on the basis of your actions and behavioral patterns like starting a new web series or ordering any food. 
  • You can create amazing stacks of widgets to clear space on your home screen. 
  • You get a widget gallery that recommends frequently downloaded widgets of various types and sizes.

Messages section

The message section has some really amazing features to keep you engaged on the phone all day

  • You get to pin your most loved conversation groups and see the icons of three participants whenever they send a text. 
  • Get the notification for recent messages through message thread and directly reply through these threads. 
  • You can mention a particular person. 
  • You can filter SMS by choosing to chronologically see a whole set of texts received. 
  • You can also set an image for the conversation you like along with emojis to make it funnier.

Search results

  • You can search apps, Maps, websites, contacts, and a lot of other things on the basis of your choice and usage. This feature will make your search easier and more convenient. 
  • You do not even have to type the entire word or a sentence. You can type on letter or two and the suggestion will appear below. 
  • You can launch websites and apps by typing few characters and clicking on the tab that says Go. 
  • You can search for files, mails, and messages by typing first few characters. 
  • Moreover, the required search material will appear in the display section according to preferences and usage. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download the iOS 14 in your iPhone device now and start your journey with some cool features today.

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