Cody ko App [I’d Cap that app] 2022 | Cody Ko Net Worth

What is Cody ko App?

Cody Ko app or the Cody ko YouTuber app is one such app that helps add captions to photos. This was made by the famous YouTuber Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk who is a Canadian Youtuber, comedian, rapper, and podcaster.

Cody Ko who enjoys a great following and subscriber on Instagram and YouTube respectively was a computer science student when he created the ” I’d Cap That”. This app gained popularity among 4 million iPhone users which helps them get their caption done right.

The app helps users to select a random picture which the app will caption automatically. On one hand where the users of this app are pretty happy and the app has received 5 stars but few suggest this app is not at all appropriate for teens because it has sexual themes and content.

What app did Cody Ko make?

Cody ko App

Cody ko was studying in a very famous and reputed university when this sudden turnover took in his life. He made the I’d Cap That app which is an iPhone application that will add up a caption to your photos.

In this new era of social media where we upload pictures, almost every day this app is very handy. This app has amazed more than 4 million users across the world and also has been named the app of the week in May 2012.

Cody Ko made the “I’d cap that” app which generates captions to random pictures automatically. This app has a very high rating and is loved by users. For better features, one can buy the upgraded version as well.

How much is Cody Ko’s net worth?

Cody ko net worth is about $2.89 million apart from his actual income which is not disclosed. Some say he earns more than $4.07 from other sources.

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