Best RoboKiller Spam Blocker App Free Download Android, iPhone

RoboKiller-Spam and Robocall Blocker

It is a spam blocker app that helps in filtering incoming calls preventing robocalls competently. 

Robokiller, an app that functions perfectly by using call blocking algorithms for robocalls. It also stops unwanted phone calls with an unknown caller ID and even telemarketer calls.

The app claims to competently block 90% of the spam calls in the first month of the installation itself. It is built by people who respect privacy and despise fake calls.

How to Robokiller app free download?

RoboKiller Spam Blocker app download

It is available for both Android and iOS.

Follow the below instructions to download Robokiller app for Android. 

  • Go to the Google Play store and search for the Robokiller Spam Blocker.
  • Click on “Install Button.”
  • After downloading the app, open it.
  • It takes you to a screen where you get an option to choose a monthly subscription or a yearly plan.
  • With both options, users can get a 7-day free trial. Choose one to proceed.
  • Click on the Start Setup button. This will begin a call which then get disconnected. 
  • Dismiss any messages that pop up, and continue with the Robokiller app.
  • To enable call blocking, move to your phone call settings.
  • Glide through the Options and click on the Phone tab.
  • Click on call blocking and identification options.
  • Enable the Robokiller entries.

Robokiller app iPhone

  1. Go to Appstore for the Robokiller app download.
  2. Repeat the steps mentioned in the Android section even for downloading and setting up the Robokiller iPhone app.

How to use the Robokiller android app?

RoboKiller app download free
  • Further, move back to the app and click on the Settings option. Use the app and adjust settings according to your convenience.
  • Switch on/off the blocked/missed call notification option
  • Pause the call blocking options (if you have to receive a call Robokiller might divert)
  • If you plan to report robocalls or spam SMSs then swipe to your left.
  • The below section includes essential setting changes, the user needs to make from time to time.
  • Check on “My contact list” and make them safe by clicking on the Allow icon.
  • In case you identify the call and you want to take it, click on the Allow button.
  • If you want to decline the call, click on Report instead.
  • When you intend to block a call, the app would ask you for details as to why you intend to block the call.
  • Insert reason in the pop-up box and click on the blue Submit button.
  • If ever, you want to check the recent calls blocked by Robokiller, you can follow the given path.
  • iPhone/Android Settings> Phone> Call blocking & Identification.


Is RoboKiller Spam Blocker safe?

 Robokiller is safe to use.

Robokiller app reviews?

The Robokiller spam blocker reviews tell you how real-time users find it. You can read reviews on the Google Play Store or Apple App store if you want.

How much RoboKiller Spam Blocker cost for a premium membership?

The app is completely free to download and has a free trial period of 7 days. Billing for the app is done monthly and hence, the subscription can be canceled anytime. A monthly subscription costs $3.99/ month and the yearly plan comes for $12.99.Contact Robokiller support if your Robokiller app is not working as expected.

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